About Jewel Interiors

About Jewel Interiors

Jewel Interiors offers custom furniture built from the most popular and exotic stones in the world, which includes granite, marble, quartz and semi-precious stones. Choose from a wide selection of gorgeous custom dining room tables, coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables and more.

Our furniture is constructed with real granite, marble, quartz and semi-precious stone, meaning it will offer the following benefits:

• Beautiful
• Natural
• Durable
• Heirloom Quality Furniture
• Familiar
• Shiny
• Always On Trend
• Unique
• Looks Like New For A Lifetime
• Easy To Maintain
• Variety Of Colors To Suit Everyone
• "Like Dining On Jewelry"

You can use our configurator to create custom furniture made from granite, marble, quartz, semi-precious stone and wood in a range of top colors, shapes, sizes, edges, base styles and base finishes.

View our Care and Cleaning Guide here.

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